Balnk form

Balnk form

How do I open up a blank form – a form without any values displayed?

As you probably know, you can add a DefaultCondition to your form, such as


which will not allow any rows to be retrieved from the database.

You should be asking yourself, however, why you want to do this. If you use one of the incremental values for the RowFetchMode property, you will not be spending much in the way of resources to bring back some values to the form, especially when you consider that even a DefaultCondition that returns no rows will still have to be parsed by the database.

Having a ‘blank’ form smacks of the modal design techniques of traditional systems. Most client/server applications begin with some data in a form. If the user wants to be able to rapidly add values to a form, add a push button that calls the InsertRow() for the recordset of the form.


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