How does Frame Relay compare with X.25?

How does Frame Relay compare with X.25?

How does Frame Relay compare with X.25?

X.25 is a packet-switched technology, which implies that data is transmitted inunits called packets. In many ways, X.25 can be considered theprecursor of other packet-switched technologies such as frame relay.

One ofthe major distinguishing factors is error detection. In X.25, packets thatare transmitted must be acknowledged, thereby confirming that successfultransmission and delivery were completed. This extra process adds aperformance overhead to X.25 which directly affects data transmission rates.

Frame relay does not perform error detection and correction; that task isleft to a higher layer in the OSI reference model. This is possible becauseframe relay relies on digital transmission technology. Also, the bandwidthused is allocated by the Committed Information Rate (CIR) valuedefined on the Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC).

Studies have shown thatframe relay-based routers can process 10 times as many frames as routersrelying on X.25, due to the above-mentioned reasons.


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