Putting a pause in a program

Putting a pause in a program

I have a simple animation on a form created by turning bitmaps on and off in sequence. How can I pause between frames? There is no wait or pause command.

I can create a nested for-loop but this seems a clumsy way to solve the problem. There must be a simple way to delay the program for an exact number of seconds. Any ideas?

If you’re using Delphi 2.0, use the Sleep procedure. Look it up in thehelp file. If you’re using Delphi 1.0, you can use the procedure below:

procedure Sleep(SleepSecs : Integer);var  StartValue : LongInt;begin  {Initialize vars}  StartValue    := GetTickCount; {Get value of current milliseconds elapsed}  While ((GetTickCount – StartValue) It does the same thing as Delphi 2.0’s sleep, though D2’s Sleep offers abetter time resolution by using milliseconds as its input.


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