List boxes: Default values

List boxes: Default values

In a pop-up list, how do you get the value associated with the default value to appear in the listbox before clicking on the field? For example, I have a pop-up list containing marital statuses. I want ‘Single’ to appear in the listbox windowwithout the user having to scroll the list. How can I achieve this?

To set a value in a list box, all you have to do is to set the Value property of the list box to the actual value of the entry in the list box. To make a value the default for a pop-up list, you must set the DefaultValue property to the actual value of the desired item.

If your Translation property for the pop-up list looks like this:
Single = 1
Married = 2
Divorced = 3
Widowed = 4
your DefaultValue for the pop-up should be 1 to make ‘Single’ the default value.

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