Java Product Version Confusion

Java Product Version Confusion

I’m reading a book on Java 1.1 that refers to various classesthat do not exist in Microsoft Visual J++ Professional Edition,Version 1.1, which apparently installs V1.02 libraries. How canI update the Microsoft Java API packages to Version 1.1, which iswhat I thought I bought?

I’m addressing this question because a lot of people have run into thisproblem. There are many Java development products out there, and theyall have different version numbers. Sometimes, as a marketing technique,the products will use the same version number as the latest Java release.Sometimes it is pure coincidence that version numbers match up. However,just because a product has the same version number as the latest Javarelease does not mean that it is compatible with the latest Java release.You should always closely read the information about a Java product beforebuying it. Java continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and it is difficultfor vendors to stay up to date. To answer the question, you should downloadthe latest Microsoft SDK for Java (version 3.0 as of March 1998) fromthe Microsoft web site to get Java 1.1 classes and virtual machine. Youmay also want to download the trial version of Visual J++ 6.0 to see ifthere is a special upgrade discount for owners of previous versions.

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