Insufficient Key Field Information Error With RDS

Insufficient Key Field Information Error With RDS


I am using the Dataspace and DataControl objects to interact with a database through Internet Explorer 4 using form elements. The data displays perfectly when I use this query:

SELECT Employee.*, Courses.* FROM Course INNER JOIN Employee ON Employee.courseid=Course.courseid WHERE IN (" & strEmployeeList & ")

When I edit the one field that is bound to a form element and initiate:

ADF.SubmitChanges dsn=idp2.mdb",ADC.Recordset

I get an error:

'Insufficient key field information for updating or refreshing.'


Your database needs a unique, primary key that will be used to identify the record that is to be updated. The message that you mentioned appears when no unique key for the update field can be identified. Ensure that the recordset that you are working with contains a single, unique primary key and that the primary key and the field you are updating originate from the same table.


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