Multiple Linking to a Table

Multiple Linking to a Table

I have a main table where there are three fields: UserID, Postal code main, Postal code sub. I have a second table where there are two fields: Postal code, description.

I want to create a new table with these two tables. This new table will have three fields, like the main table, but the fields containing the postal code will be replaced by their descriptions (via the second table). Will this work?

This is a good idea. They seem compatible to me (not knowing about the structure of newtable.postalcode), but it seems like you will be collecting the parts and simply including the description.

There will be join issues (using the table twice for master and detail) with this design (having the master and detail collapsed into one table) but I’ve found this to be a useful approach to minimizing the number of tables and localizing code maintenance.


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