Return a Recordset from a COM Component to ASP

Return a Recordset from a COM Component to ASP

Can I make a COM component in VB return a query result in the form of a recordset to the calling ASP Script?

Yes, a COM component can return a recordset. Create your Public Function in the (VB) COM component as follows:

Public Function GetRecordSet(byval strSQL as variant) as ADODB.Recordset

As you can see, the function accepts a single argument—a valid SQL statement—and returns an ADODB Recordset. You can increase the number of arguments to include a connection string or a database name, etc.

Within your Function, remember to create, disconnect, and then return a recordset:

Dim objRS as ADODB.Recordset   Set objRS = New ADODB.Recordset ....valid arguments including connection string   ' Disconnect the recordset   objRS.ActiveConnection = Nothing   ' -- Finally, return the recordset back   Set GetRecordSet = objRS

Remember to use the SET statement when working with objects. If the above code was within your COM component called MyCom in a Class Module called MyClass then your ASP page code would look like this:

Dim objCOM, objRS ' -- Create a recordset object Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") ' -- Create our COM object Set objCOM = Server.CreateObject("MyCom.MyClass") ' -- Execute the Function to get the recordset Set objRS = objCOM.GetRecordSet("Select * from Customers") ' -- destroy the Com object Set objCOM = Nothing ' -- play with your recordset variable

Again, remember to use the SET statement when working with objects. In 95 percent of the cases on Web pages, you will be doing read-only fetch from the database. In that case, always remember to use disconnected recordsets.

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