Aspect Enterprise Solutions Launches ???Power Hours??? Training Program For AspectDSC Trading Customers

Aspect Enterprise Solutions Launches ???Power Hours??? Training Program For AspectDSC Trading Customers

London, August, 2013 Aspect Enterprise Solutions, a leading provider of multi-commodity trading and risk management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications delivered in the Cloud, today announces the launch of an all new complimentary training program called Power Hours for AspectDSC, its Decision Support Center for traders.???Power Hours??? is a specialized training program of free interactive E-Learning courses for AspectDSC customers. Its goal is to deliver one session per month on a series of key topics crucial to maximizing the value of the AspectDSC platform. AspectDSC is a market data portal for commodities traders with real time and historical exchange prices and news and market sources. It also includes charting and advanced Excel tools on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.Topics to be covered include: Advanced Excel tools and usage of Real-time data (RTD) for trading; leveraging charting tools and visual analysis for competitive advantage; using AspectDSC for historical trading analysis, and many more. Subject matter experts will provide detailed demonstrations of how to maximize the value of several key AspectDSC tools in a number of scenarios designed to demonstrate the ease of use and power that the platform provides.Each ???Power Hours??? session will be highly interactive with live question and answer sessions and active audience participation. Each session will be recorded so registrants that are unable to attend will be sent a recording after the event. There is a new session on the fourth Thursday of every month and all AspectDSC customers will be invited to participate. Market participants interested in learning more are also welcome to attend.Brigette Gebhard, vice president of marketing at Aspect says, ???We are tremendously proud and excited to announce this new training program. We are always striving to make powerful innovations that enable our customers to stay ahead of the market and maximize trading efficiencies. This program is another demonstration of our commitment to customer satisfaction and remaining in touch with the latest developments and feedback from the market.???The ???Power Hours??? program will begin with the first session being held on August 22nd at 9:00 a.m. EST / 14:00 BST via Webcast. The subsequent sessions will be held the fourth Thursday of every month, with the first topic being ???How To Slice & Dice Argus Data To Fit Your Trading Needs.??? To register for any or all of the ???Power Hours??? sessions, please visit this link

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