OMA Bridges the Gap between SDOs and Developers with Revolutionary Toolkit

OMA Bridges the Gap between SDOs and Developers with Revolutionary Toolkit

Press Event and Developer Demonstrations to be held at Mobile World CongressSan Diego- CA ??? February 18, 2015??? The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) today announced they will launch their OMA Developer Toolkit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain March 2-5, 2015. The toolkit is the first of its kind from a Standards Development Organization (SDO) and addresses the need to bridge the gap between SDOs and the application developer creating apps for use over wireless networks.There are an increasing number of professionals within the SDO community that believe standards development processes must evolve to meet the needs of the new and ever emerging mobile ecosystem, including app developers. With this in mind OMA has produced a developer toolkit that will dramatically improve a specification???s ease of use for developers. The toolkit is designed to give developers the tools they need to easily and efficiently create innovative products and services based on OMA specifications and APIs.???Standards fuel the development and implementation of technologies that influence and transform the way we work, play and communicate. The OMA toolkit is designed to enable the app developer to deliver apps using OMA specifications more easily and in a timely manner, while listening to the needs of the developer community,??? comments Joaquin Prado, Director of Technical Programs, OMA.The OMA Developer Toolkit provides tools such as a client/server emulator, an editor to create profile data, a GitHub code and specifications repository, a lab kit of examples of how to use standards, a sandbox server for testing implementations, a user community and a listing of open source projects based on standards.Joaquin Prado, Director of Technical Programs, Open Mobile Alliance will be hosting exclusive events for all members of the press at this year???s Mobile World Congress, where he will demo the toolkit and showcase how OMA is bridging the gap between standards organisations and developers. The event will take place in Hall 8.1, Stand K52 on Tuesday 3rd- 15:00/Wednesday 4th 10:00. Please contact Joanne Turner, [email protected], if you wish to attend. The first 50 developers to try the new toolkit demo each day at Mobile World Congress will receive a power bank portable power source for smartphones and tablets.If you are unable to attend Mobile World Congress this year and you would like to find out more we can set up a meeting before or after the show. Contact [email protected]. Or follow the conversation on Twitter at #OMAtoolkit.

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