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Achieve Syntax Brevity with Anonymous Classes and Instance Initializers
by Abdul Salam
Shorten your code using these techniques.
When to Pass Parameters by Value
by Wael Salman
The main reason to pass parameters by value is to improve performance, which is somewhat of a paradox, because this is also one of the main reasons to pass by reference.
Close and Save All Except Your Current Window
by Sivaraj Padmaraj
Automate the tedious task of closing and saving multiple windows with this code.
Two-dimensional Arrays
by Wael Salman
Creating and Managing Global Variables
by Reza Nalbandi
A Multiple Getter/Setter Implementation
by George Anescu
Negative Numbers Represented in C++
by Matthew Johnson
Tiling Made Easy
by Brian McDonald
Use this method whenever you need a tiled background on your forms. All you need is an Image control with its Visible property set to False, and a graphic in its Picture property. Set the form
Split Strings Cleanly, Redux
by Stephen Sayabalian
What if you want to split an array on more than one delimiter? Adding a few lines of code and using recursion can enhance the function to handle multiple delimiters.
Add a Picture Preview Property Page
by John Cullen
Defining a public property in a user control as Picture (or StdPicture) provides the standard ellipsis next to the property name in VB
Improve the Performance of Loops
by Mahendra Goyal
Almost all Java applications require looping at some point or other. Even the slightest improvement in looping time can make a huge performance difference. Because the size of an array doesn't ...
Department Wise Employee Ranking With Single T-SQL Query
by Srinivas Reddy
This code will retrieve the employee details with a salary-wise ranking from each dept.EMP table with different departments and different salaries. If two employees in the same department have ...
Using Database Transactions with JDBC
by Santhosh Ananthakrishnan
When a connection is created using JDBC, by default it is in auto-commit mode. This means that each SQL statement is treated as a transaction and will be automatically committed immediately after ...
Eliminate the Need to Comment/Remove Debug Statements
by Santhosh Ananthakrishnan
Often, while developing a system, you need to put a lot of debug statements in the code, all which have to be commented/removed before delivering the application. There's a class with a static ...
Creating a Java Application Error Log
by Sergejs Svitnevs
This simple class provides you with a mechanism for the creation of a ...
Automatically Select the Radio Button
by Joshua Masek
Make the width of the radio option button a lot wider than the caption text it holds. Next, position a textbox between the end of the caption and the actual end of the radio option button. Bring ...
Disable Any Control Without Changing Its Display
by Joshua Masek
Put the control(s) in a frame and disable the frame. This will even eliminate graying out or color changes.
Make Collections Work Like Standard VB Collections - For Each...Next
by Chris Gabriel
To activate For Each...Next iteration in your VB collections, place the following procedure in your collection ...
Testing a Business Rule Should Not Have Any Side Effects
by Patrick Marshall
Testing a business rule should have no side effects. Avoid err.raise and msgboxes inside business rule tests.
Find Unfinished Code
by Patrick Marshall
Never walk away from a routine that is not functionally complete but that will still compile. You might forget, or be out sick, and the module may never be finished. A simple way to avoid this ...
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