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Using the PaintPicture Method
by Andreas Hillqvist
It is possible to use the PaintPicture Method of the PictureBox or Form by entering different dimensions for source height/width and destination dimensions.
Converting Strings Into Integers and Vice Versa
by Quan Tran
1) To convert a string into an ...
Implementing Interfaces on Forms
by Andreas Hillqvist
There is an easy way to make your application respond to data changes in forms, by implementing interfaces on your forms.
Reversing Array Elements in O(n/2)
by Prasad Haridass
Reversing Array Elements in O(n/2) where n is the number of ...
Use Mid$ to Compose a Big String
by Guoran Xie
The following code is a fast way to compose a big string by using Mid$ function instead of using the concatenating operator. The strings concatenated in a loop are often variable. So use S1 to ...
How to Choose the Right Data Structure
by Shantanu Garg
Following are some tips for matching the most commonly used data structures with particular needs.
Enumerate Values For Easy Maintenance
by Chris McCann
Quite often, we find ourselves using variables to hold one of a set of possible values. For instance, let's say you have a number of views on a grid. You'll probably use an Integer to keep ...
Make Collections Work Like Standard VB Collections
by Calvin Walker
Add the following procedure to your collection ...
Get the Decimal Separator From the Format Function
by Andreas Hillqvist
It's possible to use the format function to retrieve the decimal separator.
Enumerate Collections With For Each...Next
by Andreas Hillqvist
It's faster to enumerate a collection with the For each...Next ...
Generic Name Property Procedure with TypeName
by Andreas Hillqvist
One easy way to implement a generic name property of a class is to make a ...
A Super-Efficient Toggle Case Using XOR
by Eugene Quah
My benchmarking shows that ToggleCase can crunch through a ...
Warnings Regarding Temporaries and Their Meaning
by Danny Kalev
The following code causes a somewhat cryptic warning ...
Problems With Using Duplicate Variables
by M.V. Prem
Most beginners accidentally declare duplicate variables of different data types or of the same data types. The following illustrates ...
Confining Your Mouse to a Form
by Sachin Nigam
With Modal forms there is a need to restrict the movement of the mouse to the form until user closes the form. This can be achieved by using the ClipCursor API. ClipCursor API takes one ...
Check Whether a Given Key Exists in a Collection
by Guoran Xie
It is unfortunate that VB5 does not provide a quick way to check if an item with a certain key exists in a collection. This results in errors if an item with an existing key is added or access is ...
Create a Shortcut Key For a TextBox
by Matheswaran Narayanasamy
Associate a label that describes what the text box is meant for.
Encapsulate GetSettings() and SaveSettings into Property Procedures
by Andreas Hillqvist
Encapsulating settings and registry calls into property procedures is a good way to ensure valid entries. This method manages errors while including them in IntelliSense. ...
Optimizing String Classes in Java Code
by Naveet Gupta
The String class is probably one of the most used classes in Java. String concatenation via the
Handling Dialogs With One Line of Code
by Andreas Hillqvist
Handle dialogs with one line of code by encapsulating the show method within the form in a public function. This makes the form/dialog reusable and simpler to implement and update. ...
21-40 of 525     Previous     Next
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