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Data Access

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Find the Total Number of Tables in an MS Access Database
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Use the code in this tip to find the total number of tables in an MS Access database.
Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File
by Bill Cressman
Learn how to avoid configuring Oracle's pesky tnsnames file when connecting to a database.
Storing Request-specific Data Without Using ServletRequest
by Anton Spaans
Find out how you can work around storing request-specific attributes when you don't have access to the current request's ServletRequest instance.
Get the End Date of a Financial Quarter
by Vijayanandraj Amaladoss
This function gets the end date of a financial quarter, relative to the date value passed.
Extract the Contents of ZIP/JAR Files Programmatically
by Amit Tuli
This code shows you how to extract the contents of .zip or >span class="pf">.jar files programmatically.
Create and Retrieve a Named DataSet
by Victor Stefanescu
Use this C# function to create and retrieve a named DataSet using an open connection and a command.
Return the Absolute File Path of a Class
by Vijayanandraj Amaladoss
This code retrieves the local absolute path of the class file containing the specified class name, as prescribed by the current classpath.
Report the Name of the Current Database Instance
by Shushil Srivastava
Use this small code snippet to query the GLOBAL_NAMES view in Oracle.
Warning Signs in SQL Code
by Ross Lambert
Find out how to spot landmines in your SQL code.
Object Instance Comparison
by Joe Briere
Search a Directory for Files with a Pattern
by Supal Chowdhury
Eliminate Data Caching from Your Browser
by Sridhar MS
Linking Your Access Databases with ADOX
by Leng Dieb
Retrieve the rowCount Without Looping
by Shyamala Krishnan
Determine the Value of a Date Variable
by Guoran Xie
Using the IF Condition in SQL with an Oracle Database
by Sridhar MS
Get the Maximum Value Across Columns in TSQL
by Harinatha Reddy
Declaring Variables in C++
by Wael Salman
Determine the Last Day of the Month
by Barry Garvin
A Useful Retrieval Procedure
by Arsenio Tacardon
1-20 of 696     Previous     Next
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