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Data Access - Page 4

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Maximum Number of Characters
by DevX Pro
I'm reading approximately two million characters into an array. The max number of elements that Borland Turbo C++ 5.02 allows me is not enough. Can I declare this array to be a lot bigger or allocate more memory for this array?
Generating a Unique Filename
by Danny Kalev
To generate a unique filename that won't conflict with any other files that exist in the current directory, use the tmpnam() function declared in <stdio.h> as ...
Creating a Temporary File
by Danny Kalev
Many applications create temporary files that exist as long as the program is running and are later discarded. For example, a Web browser can store a list of pages that have been viewed during the ...
Reading Strings that Contain White Spaces
by Danny Kalev
The std::getline() functions reads data from an input stream and writes it to a string object. Unlike cin's >> operator, getline() also reads white spaces, which makes it useful for reading strings ...
Logon Improvements
by Dennis Rehm
If your application connects to Microsoft SQL Server, you can use two features to make your login easy and low maintenance. The first choice is to use OLE DB instead of ODBC. This eliminates the ...
Reading a String from a File
by Danny Kalev
<fstream> classes overload the operators >> for reading from a file and << for writing to it. There are several overloaded versions for each operator, one for each built-in type. In ...
Mini Database Strategy
by DevX Pro
I have recently written a small dialog based MFC app to carry out a few performance calculations for our product. I have managed to get o/p to the printer and that's OK. What I want to do now is to enable the saving of the data from the calculation in some mini database to be reviewed at a later stage—either through an interface which I will add to the program or through an existing app (notepad/excel or whatever). How should I approach this? Do I create a structure of the data I want to save and serialize it onto one long file on disk? Do I create a class that can serialize itself? I'll try and figure out the details by myself (I hope) but I am just not sure what the general solution should be.
Using cin.good() to Check Inputted Numbers
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to make a calculator program using switch statements for +,-,* and /. I know how to handle and divide by zero error. I also have to use the cin.good() function to check whether the inputted numbers or the requested operation is good. Whenever I try to use the cin.good() function, I get an error saying that 'good' is an undefined variable. What can I do, and how should I use it correctly?
Checking the State of a Stream
by Danny Kalev
The iostream family of classes provides the following member functions and operators for checking the stream's ...
by DevX Pro
Which is faster, LOCATE (without parameters) or GO TOP? How fast is the one from the other? Why is one faster than the other?
Escape Sequences
by Danny Kalev
Certain special characters are represented as escape sequences. An escape sequence begins with a \ (backslash) followed by an alphanumeric character. For example, the \n escape sequence represents ...
Auto-Incrementing Key Field
by DevX Pro
Is there a command in Visual FoxPro 6.0 that is similar to the Microsoft Access "AutoNumber" feature? The field automatically generates a record number for each record.
Creating a New ID
by DevX Pro
I am new to VFP. I want to create a unique number for a customer ID field in a table. The VFP sample program "tastrade" simply uses NEWID() as the default value for the given field. When I try the same in a new database I get the error message, "NEWID.PRG does not exist." This is simple to do in Microsoft Access, but I have spent a couple of hours on it already with VFP. How do I create a unique number when entering new data into a row of a table? Thank you for your help.
ODBC Installation
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to install the of Informix for WinNT and during the process I get error number 126?
Writing to File from Several Functions.
by DevX Pro
The code below creates a file, Basket.doc, in the current directory. I am using a compiler with a component I would like to place in fWrite() to let me vary the entire path and file name (i.e. outName). The trouble is I want outSide to be valid from fFinish(), too. Do I need a global variable or a pointer of some kind? char outName[] = "Basket.doc"; ofstream outSide(outName); void fWrite() { outSide
Hardcoded Char Arrays
by Danny Kalev
Does your C++ compiler accept the following ...
Changing a Character's Case
by DevX Pro
Is there a function that can convert upper case to lower case and vice-versa?
JDBC Transactions
by DevX Pro
Does "Connection.setAutoCommit(false)" mean "begin a transaction?"
ResultSet Interface
by DevX Pro
If ResultSet is an interface, then why can we call methods like next(), isLast() etc. without defining the method body anywhere in the program? As I understand it, in an interface, methods are only declared but not defined.
Action Queries and ADO Objects
by DevX Pro
Which is better to use for inserting or updating a record: Recordset object or Command object?
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