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Functions - Page 2

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Partially Optional Function Parameters in VBScript 5.0+
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Did you know that VBScript doesn't require you to provide all of a function's parameters when you call it? Learn how to use this feature with this tip.
Using STL Binders
by Saurabh Ramya
Learn how to use STL binders to use binary function objects as unary function objects in many STL algorithms which need them.
Hierarchical Tree Structures in Database Tables
by Rohit K. Gupta
This recursive function retrieves a hierarchical tree structure from a table with just four columns that describe each node in the tree: Level (the depth of the node in the tree), ID, Name, and ParentID. Given an ID and a Level, the function opens a cursor and retrieves the entire branch of the tree for the specified node at that level.
Overloading a Function Template
by Saurabh Ramya
If the function template you're adding incorporates functionality that you already have, then you need to remove the old members first; otherwise the duplication will cause ambiguity.
Customize Your Template Function
by Saurabh Ramya
Learn how to provide a specialized definition of the function template instantiation.
Named Parameters in C++
by Saurabh Ramya
Named parameters allow you to send function arguments in any sequence. Though they're not supported in C++, this code shows you how to achieve the same functionality.
Capturing Key States from a Non-active Window
by Sriram Swaminathan
This function takes a virtual key code as a parameter and returns non-zero if the function succeeds.
Short Expressions
by Raducanu Bogdan
This tip illustrates how to use two different short expressions.
Create a Sortable Column Dynamically
by Ian Lane
Learn how to customize the sorting of your resultset using the CASE function.
Change the Private Variable Outside of a Member Function Definition
by Sushant Panda
The following code changes a provate variable outside of a member function definition.
The #define Directive
by Raducanu Bogdan
Determine the Value of a Date Variable
by Guoran Xie
A SQL Split Function
by Martin Naude
A Container for Pointers to Functions
by Eugene Zak
Override Built-in Keywords
by Darin Higgins
Warnings Regarding Temporaries and Their Meaning
by Danny Kalev
The following code causes a somewhat cryptic warning ...
Covariant Template Parameters
by Danny Kalev
Suppose you need to define a function that takes a vector object and performs certain operations on it. The function has to be generic, that is, it should handle all instances of std::vector in ...
extern "C" Declarations of static Member Functions
by Danny Kalev
One of the issues that have been discussed at the C++ standards committee is whether the declaration of static member functions is permitted. For ...
Function Object Bases
by Danny Kalev
To simplify the process of writing custom function objects, the Standard Library provides two classes that serve as base classes of such objects: std::unary_function and std::binary_function. ...
Qualified Calls
by Danny Kalev
A function call such as the ...
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