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Making System Calls in Stored Procedures
by DevX Pro
I'm writing a procedure to send an e-mail that will receive two parameters: the e-mail address of the recipient and the subject of the e-mail (e-mail content is not needed). How do I send a command to the OS to send the e-mail? I'm using Informix 7.3 on Sun Solaris 2.6. The command that I'm using in Unix to send emails is: "mailx -s 'subject' receipient_address < /dev/null."
Query from One Informix Database to Another
by DevX Pro
I have two Informix databases existing on a Unix server. How do I write a stored procedure in one database that can access data from the other database?
Informix Ontape Backups
by DevX Pro
I need to do an ontape Level 0 backup but I need to bypass the "Press Enter to Continue." Simply put, I want to type "Ontape -s -L 0" and not get prompted to "Press Enter to Continue." I am currently running Informix 7.23 on an AIX 4.2. Any ideas ?
Informix SQL
by DevX Pro
Are Transact SQL stored procedures currently running on a SQL Server 7.0 database compatible with a Informix database?
Log Error
by DevX Pro
I am receiving this error in my log: connections rejected: no calls allowed for sqlexec. listener-thread err: = -27002 oserr: = 0 errstr = : No connections allowed in Dynamic server quiscent mode.
Changing the Environment Inside a Program
by DevX Pro
How do I change the environment inside a program (filename.4gl)? Example: setenv TBCONFIG $tbconfig.01
Maximum Number of Columns Allowed
by DevX Pro
What is the maximum number of columns allowed in an Informix table?
Informix Backups Error Message
by DevX Pro
We have Informix IDS 7.30 running under SCO 5.0.5. Backups by ontape fail with an error: "I/O read chunk 90, pagenum 2, pagecnt 1 --> errno = 9" But when we are doing normal queries, it's all fine. Any ideas?
Locking a Row
by DevX Pro
How can I lock a row in a table from a stored procedure?
Upgrading from AIX 4.2 to AIX 4.3
by DevX Pro
We have plans to upgrade our AIX operating system to version 4.3. We are using Informix 7.31. Do we need any new Informix components (compilers etc.)?
Choosing a Column Depending on Procedure Argument
by DevX Pro
Can I specify the column I want to select from as an argument to the procedure? Something like: create procedure show_product(language char(2), ID integer) returning char(255); define p_prod_name CHAR (255); select language INTO p_prod_name from productnames where prod_id = ID; return p_prod_name; END PROCEDURE The table productnames would then contain a column for each countrycode and, depending on the argument I pass to the procedure, I would get the name of the product in the correct language. (I am running IDS 7.3 on Linux.)
Determining Database Size
by DevX Pro
I am using Informix 7.24 and my raw partitions are getting quite large. Is there a way to tell the size of a database? I could then decide which one I would like to delete.
Ontape for Backups to Disk
by DevX Pro
How can 'Ontape' functions be used to back up Informix/Lawson DB to disk? Is dbspace required or can a large area in a directory (e.g., /gsc/bigspace) be used?
Dropping a Bad Chunk
by DevX Pro
I have a bad chunk in a dbspace that is bad and marked "down" by Informix. I don't really care about the data in that chunk anyway, so I just want to drop it. But when I try to drop the chunk using "onspaces" it says I can't because it is "down". I don't want to do a restore of the whole database, and I would prefer not unload all the tables in the dbspace which this chunk resides in just to drop the entire dbspace, because that could take days. I believe Informix support can force the chunk to drop, but is there any way I can force the chunk to drop without going through Informix support?
Validation on Date Inputs
by DevX Pro
I'm using Web Datablade and IIF to develop Web pages. I need validation (other than JavaScript) on date inputs. How can I validate dates on IIF, using SPL or Web Datablade?
Committed Read Isolation Level
by DevX Pro
I've written several dynamic queries in VB importing a recordset from an Informix DB. The isolation level shows "Committed Read." Does this place locks on the DB?
Current Time/Date Stamp
by DevX Pro
How do I set up a field in a table to accept the current date and time? And how do I insert the current time/date into this field?
NOW Function in Informix Hyperscript Tools
by DevX Pro
I am using Hyperscript Tools for Informix on a Unix platform. To receive the current date and time, the NOW() function is used to get a value between 0 and 401,768, each value representing a single day from the date Dec. 30, 1899. Unfortunately, this is returning a value of -657,186.48150463. Is this a known problem that has since been fixed or could it be a setup problem?
ODBC Installation
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to install the of Informix for WinNT and during the process I get error number 126?
Rebuild Large Table with New Extents
by DevX Pro
What is the best way to backup and/or unload a table and restore/reload to a new dbtable with new extents?
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