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Visual Foxpro - Page 2

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Command-Line Argument in FoxPro 2.0
by DevX Pro
Is there any way for FoxPro to accept a command-line argument: c:\foxpro2.0\fox myprogram "Justin" Where "Justin" is a string sent to the FoxPro program 'myprogram' as a parameter?
Data Field Refresh on Forms
by DevX Pro
I have a multi-page form with navigation controls on the first page. When I "Next" through the records, the data fields refresh fine on Page One but not on the other pages. What am I doing wrong?
Calling a Help System
by DevX Pro
Once I create a .chm help file with HTML Help Workshop, how do I call this help file from my .exe application?
Database Property
by DevX Pro
How do I programmatically change the database property of Forms so that I can put my data files anywhere?
Using the VFP Grid Without Bound Data
by DevX Pro
Is there anything similar to the "Microsoft grid control" in Visual Basic that just displays a grid and does not bind data from a table?
Visual FoxPro 6
by DevX Pro
With an application compiled into an EXE, why when I select 1 topic, enter into it, and exit do I get booted out of FoxPro to the main Windows screen?
Binding a Grid to a Cursor
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to have a grid bound to a cursor? If so please tell me how.
CD-ROM Distribution Kit
by DevX Pro
I would like to distribute my application on CD. The distribution kit I have is on 1.44 disk. Can I get a batch to update my distribution code to have my application on CD, and how can I do an autorun application?
Validation of Textbox
by DevX Pro
How do I validate a textbox, which doesn't have any control source, so if it's empty it should not lose the focus until the user enters some value?
Visual FoxPro App Shuts Down in Runtime
by DevX Pro
I have my first Visual FoxPro app that runs fine in the development environment, but will not run in runtime. What do I need to do to keep it going in the runtime?
Adding Controls to Pageframes
by DevX Pro
How do I place a text box on a pageframe (or anything for that matter)?
Checking Alphanumeric Characters
by DevX Pro
How do I check strings that have only alphanumeric characters?
FoxPro 2.5
by DevX Pro
Is there a 2.5 patch for running on fast computers?
Indexing Remote Views
by DevX Pro
We have to connect VFP to SQL Server, and we have a lot of non-structural index files for tables. We've created remote views for the tables and need to attach the non-structural indexes to the views. But we are not able to share the indexes. Why?
Invalid Seek Offset
by DevX Pro
What causes the error message "Invalid seek offset"?
List Structure
by DevX Pro
How do I control the output format for the list structure command so that it always fits on a page (portrait or landscape)? Is there another way to get the structure and indexes listed for documentation purposes?
Location of Wizards
by DevX Pro
Every time I try to use a wizard, I get the following error message: "Cannot find the Wizard Program." The wizards are located in the same folder that I am working in, and when I use "Find" and then click on the wizard, it will load and work OK. Any suggestions?
Setting dbf File Attributes
by DevX Pro
When using the following commands to modify a dbf file, I find the file is not accessible for modification: USE MODIFY STRUCTURE How do I modify the file structure?
Object Focus
by DevX Pro
How do I make a control keep the focus until a value within a specified range is entered? The control in question is a text box.
Visual FoxPro's Future
by DevX Pro
Does Microsoft have a marketing plan to retire Visual FoxPro after the release of version 7.0?
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