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Obtain the Local Absolute Path of a Class File
This tip shows how to obtain the local absolute path of a class file containing the specified class name, as prescribed by the current classpath.
Truncate a Path String
by Srinath MS
Currently, there is no .NET class that provides this functionality. The workaround is to use the Windows Shell function (PathCompactPathEx).
Upload Large Files
by MS Sridhar
ASP.NET doesn't allow you to upload files bigger than 4MB to the server.
Fixing Settings and Configuration Errors in .NET
by Ed Churnside
Sometimes, adding default settings will result in your program throwing a generic error in the app.config file.
Calling C Libraries from .NET
by Saroj Kabra
Use the following code to display a message box whenever the library raises an error.
ASP.NET 2.0's Project Health Monitoring Feature
by Srinath MS
ASP.NET 2.0 provides much needed project health monitoring through its Health Monitoring feature. Simply add few tags and their values in Web.Config and your project will be automatically monitored.
Find Out What Applications Transmit Data from Your Computer
by Srinath MS
This tip can help you determine if your computer is hosting spyware that sends your information to another server.
Obtain an Application's Current Execution Path
by Jayadev D
An easy way to identify the current execution path is by using the AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory property.
Configuring the Default ASP.NET Version
by Jijesh Nair
Changing the deployment configuration from ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET 2.0 prevents this browsing bug.
Start a New Web Application in Tomcat by Modifying the /conf/server.xml File
by Leonard Anghel
Of course that there are many ways to start a new web application in Tomcat, but this tip is for the developers who want to do this by modifying the /conf/server.xml file.
Changing Assembly Versions During Runtime Using the Web.Config File
by Srinath MS
You can change the assembly version quickly by including the bindingRedirect element in the web.config file.
In-memory JDBC Driver Details
by Leonard Anghel
Use the code in this tip to find out how many drivers are in memory, along with other, useful driver information.
Quickly Updating the URL in a Web Service
by Srinath MS
.NET provides a way to configure the Web reference URL through a config file instead of having to update the Web reference and recompile the project.
Malfunctioning CacheDuration Attribute
by Srinath MS
WebMethod's attribute CacheDuration doesn't work because the HTTPGet protocol is disabled by default.
Determine Your Network Interfaces and IP Names
by Leonard Anghel
Use this to determine the names of your network interfaces and IPs. Of course, it can be used only for machines that have more than one network interface.
Platform-independent New Line Characters
by MS Sridhar
Java provides a handle with which you can retrieve the specific new line character for the type of operating system you're working on.
Firing Focused JButtons with the ENTER Key
by Milan Zivkovic
This code corrects a glitch in the Java 1.2 user interface.
Displaying Mouseover Text in Web Pages
by MS Sridhar
Find out an easy way to display mouseover text in Web pages.
Determining Who Has Opened a Shared Folder
by Srinath MS
Ever forgot to un-share a folder that you shared with a colleague or friend? Ever forgotten the path of a folder that you shared? Want to know who has opened your shared folder? There is a command to help you in such situations.
Eliminate Log Messages on the Console in JDK 1.4
by Shota Gvinianidze
This tip shows a quick way to eliminate log messages sent to console when using JDK 1.4 and later.
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