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GetLocalHostIpAddresses - Retrieving the array of IP addresses for the local host
by Marco Bellinaso
Return the array of IP addresses for the local host Note: Requires Imports System.Net Example: Dim ipa As IPAddress For Each ipa In GetLocalHostIpAddresses() Debug.WriteLine(ipa.ToString()) Next
Be careful when installing SHLWAPI.DLL with Visual Installer
by Roberto Dalmonte
I happened to come across a serious problem when installing my own software with Visual Installer 1.1: the installation of my product on Windows 98 computers caused a system crash during the next Windows start-up. The only way to fix things was to reinstall Windows from CD, over the existent ...
Centralize ASP.NET settings in one file
by Francesco Balena
Although ASP.NET lets you distribute web.config files over all the application's subdirectories, it surely doesn't force you to do so. You can keep all the application settings in its main web.config file, while enforcing different settings on a directory-by-directory base, if you want. The key ...
Change script timeout through ASP.NET configuration files
by Francesco Balena
The httpRuntime tag in ASP.NET configuration files lets you determine several behaviors of ASP.NET at the machine or site, including the global value for script timeout. Here's the complete syntax for this tag.
Prevent unauthorized changes to ASP.NET configuration files
by Francesco Balena
Some ASP.NET settings are so critical that the system administrator should prevent them from being changed by individual applications. This ability is especially crucial for servers that host multiple applications written by different developers. In this case, the administrator can prevent ...
Reduce Server Too Busy errors with the httpRuntime tag
by Francesco Balena
The httpRuntime tag in ASP.NET configuration files lets you determine several features of ASP.NET at the machine or site level, including the how ASP.NET uses multi-threading.
Use custom error pages in ASP.NET
by Francesco Balena
The <customErrors> tag in ASP.NET configuration files affects how error pages are managed in an ASP.NET application and whether developers can redirect users to their custom error pages when an exception is thrown.
Release COM objects earlier
by Francesco Balena
If you're using a COM object through COM Interop you should be aware that the object isn't released as soon as you set it to Nothing, as it happens with VB6. Instead, the object will be released only at the first garbage collections that occurs after the object is set to Nothing or goes out of ...
ASP.NET process recycling
by Francesco Balena
Application recycling is a great feature that lets you configure an application so that ASP.NET automatically shuts it down and restarts it after a given period or a given number of client requests, or when it consumes more memory than the specified threshold. This feature is a lifesaver if the ...
LanCardAddress - Read the Ethernet address of a LAN card
by Francesco Balena
Read the Ethernet address of a LAN card. This number can be considered to uniquely identify a network adapter
Programs using the WebBrowser require that IE is installed
by Francesco Balena
If your program uses the WebBrowser control or any Microsoft Internet Control, you must ensure (and clearly specify in your app's documentation) that the program can only work on systems that have Internet Explorer installed. In fact, the WebBrowser control is embedded in the ShDocVw.Dll file, ...
Control The Amount of Time a Socket Will Linger Before Resetting
by Sandeep Gain
When a socket wishes to terminate a connection it can linger, allowing unsent data to be transmitted, or it can
ShowNetworkDiskConnectionDialog - Show a dialog to connect or disconnect a drive
by Marco Bellinaso
show the dialog to connect/disconnect a network disk If the argument is True it shows the ConnectDialog, otherwise it shows the Disconnect dialog the second argument is the hWnd of the parent dialog The function returns False if the dialog is canceled, True otherwise.
How to Prevent a Class From Serialization
by Rajesh KS
The following code prevents classes from ...
Encrypting Stored Procedures
by Rick Codrington
When creating stored procedures, there will be occasions where a certain procedure definition should not be viewed. Using the WITH ENCRYPTION clause stores the procedure definition in an ...
GetPDCName - The name of the Primary Domain Controller
by Francesco Balena
Return the name of the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) server names are preceded by a double slash
NetworkUserName - The user name used to establish a network connection
by Francesco Balena
return the current default user name or the user name used to establish a connection
Make a phone call using TAPI
by Francesco Balena
If TAPI libraries are installed on your machine, you can easily dial a number from a VB application using a single API call. Here's a function that encapsulates the call and that returns True if the dialing was successful: Private Declare Function tapiRequestMakeCall Lib "TAPI32.DLL" ...
Testing for Closed Socket
by DevX Pro
Is there any way to test if a socket is still open without writing to it?
Undocumented Encrypt and Decrypt Functions in SQL Server 7.0
by Andrew Holliday
There are two undocumented encryption functions. They are not supported by Microsoft, and I have had problems with some SQL Server service packs when using these functions. That being said, the ...
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