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How to Access JavaScript Variables on Postback in ASP.NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Here's how you can pass values from client-side JavaScript to your ASP.NET server.
Javascript Errors in Firefox
by Balasubramanian Krishnaswamy
Because browsers other than IE don't create global variables for every part of the page/DOM, you need to qualify references to the form and its elements in non-IE browsers.
Find Mouse Coordinates with Javascript
by Santhi Maadhaven
Find out how to use JavaScript to identify the coordinates of your mouse's position.
Dynamic <div> Tags
by Srimoyee Panda
The following code show how to use JavaScript to make a <div> tag dynamically and then add events of onmouseclick to it
Text Scrolling on a Click Event
by Santhi Maadhaven
This code scrolls the text left and right on a click event.
'Wait Please...' Implementation
by Dmitry Namiot
It is a common task for servlet (JSP) developers to have to display something with a server-based operation (calculation) that wastes a lot of time. Suppose you have a very long calculation and need ...
Separating Colors with a Pull-Down Menu
by DevX Pro
When I implemented a pull-down menu, it wiped out the default, anchoring color schemes. When I changed the pull-down menu to blue text, my anchored text showed blue again. How do you suggest I separate these two items?
Set Home Page with DHTML
by Maheshwar D.
DHTML intrinsic behavior gives advantage to changing the user's home page to the current page. ...
Checking for Characters
by DevX Pro
I want to call another function only if the key pressed is a letter. Is there a way to check whether the key the user has typed is a letter (A - Z) and not any other key like space, down arrow, etc?
Set the Layout Behavior of Controls with the J++ Form Designer
by Manoj K.
The Visual J++ Form Designer allows you to both anchor and dock controls on a form. When a control is anchored to an edge of its container, the distance between the control and the specified edge ...
Simplify DHTML Scripting With SrcElement
by Kurt Cagle
Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer ...
Call a Function Across Frames
by DevX Pro
My page has two frames. The left-side frame has a tree and depending on what the user clicks, I set the location for the right-side frame. My problem is that I want to call a function in the right frame from the left frame. I have tried various combinations both in VBScript and JScript, but nothing seems to work. I was able to do this across iFrames. I am using Internet Explorer 4.
Recommended Books on Cross-Browser DHTML
by DevX Pro
Can you recommend a book on writing cross-browser DHTML?
Change Pages Using the Enter Key
by DevX Pro
How do I display the next page after a user enters data into a field and presses the Enter key?
How to Pop Up Message Boxes with ASP Code
by Jai Bardhan
It's helpful during debugging to be able to print out values as the page is executing. Although this is generally done using Response.Write statements, it can also be done with client-side JavaScript.
Apply a DHTML Effect to a Specific Style
by DevX Pro
I have two different styles on my page: "content" and "small". To avoid the "onmouseover..." lines within the tags, I defined the A:Hover line. Now if a user moves the mouse over a link, the text changes to red. The problem is that I want the red onmouseover effect only on the text with the "content" style. For the "small" style, I can't seem to define its own onmouseover color.
Change Button's Destination Depending on Option Clicked
by DevX Pro
I have a menu frame that has a popup menu with many options and four buttons below it. How can I change the buttons' destination links depending on the option that the user makes in the popup menu?
Determine Time on Client Machine
by DevX Pro
How can I get the system time using HTML and JavaScript?
Dynamically Load a Page From a Frame Into Another
by DevX Pro
Is there a way I can load a Web page from the top frame into the bottom frame, when a user clicks on a link in the bottom frame? The page should be dynamic as to load whatever page is loaded in the top frame.
Using the History Object to Go to Specific Pages
by DevX Pro
I am using history objects back(1) ( history.back(1) )method in my HTML application to go to previous screen and it is working alright but I am not able to go back to a second previous screen . I have tried history.back(2), history.back(3), and so forth but it is not working.
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