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State Management
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Spring Admin Expiring all Session of a Certain User
by Octavia Anghel
Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate — Learn how to expire the sessions of a particular user.
Maintaining Cookieless Session Values in Dynamically Generated Hyperlinks
by Rafay Ali
When using cookieless sessions, generating hyperlinks dynamically from data in the SiteMap file can result in lost sessions.
Handling Null Session and Request Variables
by Jarzebowski Mark
In ASP.NET, if you try to use a session or request variable before it has been set, you'll get an error.
Avoid Preserving Viewstate when Using the DataGrid Control for Data Entry
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Using the DataGrid as a data entry form requires you to rebind the data source to the DataGrid to display the changes, thus eliminating the efficacy of preserving state information in __VIEWSTATE.
Use Cookieless Sessions with Care
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
If you're going to employ cookieless Sessions, remember to use relative path URLs when linking between the pages of the Web site.
Use the "Service Locator" Design Pattern with the J2EE Architechture
by Mouli Chandra
This tip is an extension of a Design Pattern called "Service Locator" for the J2EE architecture. Generally, the "Service Locator" pattern returns a home object by merely accepting a string, usually a mapping for a JNDI name.
Use java.util.Observable to Monitor Object State changes
by Amit Tuli
Use the class java.util.Observable to monitor Java objects for any change in their states.
Automatically Refresh a Web Page
by Amit Vij
Redirect User To Correct Login Page
by Maheshwar D.
If a user runs a page on our site and has not yet logged in, we can redirect him to the correct login page with the following script: ...
Sessions Do Not Work on Web Server Farms
by DevX Pro
How do sessions work with clustered NT servers? How do you make use of clustering technology if an NT machine goes down along with its sessions? Is NT smart enough to know to replicate these sessions in other servers and route all requests to these other servers?
Refer to Members of a Collection With the Full Name
by Maheshwar Deo
You can access all variables directly by calling Request(variable) without the collection name. In this case, the Web server searches the collections in this ...
Prevent Reposting of Forms in VID 6
by Ken Cox
By clicking the browser's refresh button, users often add unwanted records into your database. If you are using the Scripting Object Model (SOM) in Visual InterDev 6, you can thwart those reposts. ...
Turn Off Sessions in Active Server Pages
by Ken Cox
Session variables are a boon to ASP developers because they allow you to maintain variables from one page to another. However, the use of session tracking may make Internet Information Server ...
Password-Protect ASP Pages Using Session Variables
by Ken Cox
The Active Server Pages Session object provides a quick way to password-protect your pages and force users to log in. The trick is to set a Session variable once the user has been authenticated ...
Access Browser History
by DevX Pro
How does the browser history work? Is it possible to take out a link in the history? For example, I have a page with a redirect. The redirect works fine in Internet Explorer; when you hit the back button, it skips the redirect. But Netscape doesn't skip the redirect so when you hit the back button, you get redirected to where you just were. Oh beautiful Netscape...a Web developer's worst nightmare.
Avoid Putting Large Data in the Session Object and Session States
by Jai Bardhan
If an IIS application needs to rely on the session state, then you should try to avoid putting large data in the session object and session states. Session tracking maintains information about a set ...
Count ASP Sessions
by DevX Pro
I am trying to count the number of users (sessions opened) to a given app. It easy enough to increment an Application variable with Session_Onstart and decrement it with Session_OnEnd. My problem is that I want to get a count for users that are external to my company (basically filtering out certain IP addresses). By using the Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR"), I am able to filter out the IP address and increment it correctly without any problems. However, when I try the same for the Session_onEnd, it does not decrement.
Run Code Only When Form Is Submitted
by DevX Pro
I have a Web page that uses a form to submit information to an ASP page. Once the data is submitted, the page is reloaded. At this point, if the client refreshes the screen, the form is resubmitted a second time. Is there any way to clear the form or stop it from resubmitting?
Put Customer Order Information Into SQL Server 7.0
by DevX Pro
I have a shopping cart on my e-commerce site. When people submit their orders, instead of getting an e-mail with their order in it, I want that information to be directly put into SQL Server 7.0. How can I do this?
Free Internet Information Server Resources With Session.Abandon
by Ken Cox
The ASP Session object helps you maintain state in the Web's stateless environment. That means that you can track users and their choices from one page to another. However, all this takes up ...
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