App Developer Strategies for Getting Noticed

App Developer Strategies for Getting Noticed

As the number of apps in all of the major app stores has ballooned, developers have struggled to stand out in the crowd. Here are some of the new marketing strategies they’re trying:

  • Incentive advertising: Developers are running ads within other apps that offer free virtual goods.
  • Timing the launch: Most downloads happen on the weekend, but you don’t want to coincide with another big launch.
  • App directory sites: Several sites offer app recommendations to users.
  • Branding partnerships: Some apps have been able to leverage tie-ins with better-known brands like Best Buy, Macy’s, Sports Authority and Old Navy.
  • Filling shelf space: Many of the most successful apps offer multiple versions of their app.
  • Wooing the decider: Convincing a carrier to pre-load an app on a handset greatly increases the chances that it will be used.
  • Word-of-mouth: Recommendations from friends play a big role in app success.

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