2012 Developer Salary Outlook

2012 Developer Salary Outlook

Based on data from Robert Half Technology, Datamation says that average developer/programmer salaries in 2012 will range between $60,750 and $107,500. That’s a 5.2 percent over 2011’s numbers. Developers can expect a salary boost for in-demand skills like Microsoft Sharepoint (12 percent higher), .NET (8 percent higher), C# (8 percent higher), Java (8 percent higher), PHP (8 percent higher) and SAP (8 percent higher).

Location also plays a factor in salary levels with developers in the Northeast and on the West Coast earning more than those in other parts of the U.S. The top five highest paying cities for developers include the following:

  1. New York: 41% higher
  2. San Francisco: 35% higher
  3. San Jose: 33% higher
  4. Boston: 32% higher
  5. Stamford: 31% higher

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