Docker 1.8 Adds Content Trust

Docker has released version 1.8 of its containerization solution, and it features a new security capability called Content Trust. “The problem is right now we have millions of software updates every day across containers, but we have not had a standard way to validate the integrity and authenticity of those applications,” explained Diogo M?nica, security lead for Docker. “So we really had to find a solution that is easy for developers while still working on any type of infrastructure. Once you enable Content Trust in Docker 1.8.0, you’re in a golden world where every operation that you do in Docker is a trusted operation. So all operations only work with trusted content.”

In other containerization news, Microsoft and Canoncial are said to be working together on the LXD container hypervisor. For Microsoft to be working so closely with a Linux distributor shows how thoroughly the company has changed its position on open source software.

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