Adobe to Release Enterprise Version of PhoneGap

Adobe this week announced PhoneGap Enterprise, a new version of its popular open source, cross-platform mobile development platform. PhoneGap allows developers to build apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms using Web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5. The enterprise version will make it easier for non-developers to update content in apps and add new capabilities related to analytics, app optimization and push notifications.

At the same time it made the PhoneGap announcement, Adobe also announced its related Marketing Cloud program. “Developers can build apps across platforms, meet aggressive time-to-market demands, and support third-party integrations,” explained Adobe. “Marketers can easily update app content, optimize the app post launch and manage app reviews and variations without the need for app development skills. The unique drag and drop functionality ensures that marketers can easily change and preview app content including images, videos, interactive and text-based content.”

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