AWS Unveils Lambda Service, EC2 Container Service

AWS Unveils Lambda Service, EC2 Container Service

Capping off a week filled with product announcements, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled two more new cloud computing services. First the company launched a new automation service it calls Lambda. It will allow developers to write code that will run automatically in response to various events. “Lambda represents the evolution of infrastructure management. Developers can quickly and cost-effectively write applications that respond immediately to changes in data or the environment,” explained AWS Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer Werner Vogels. “Whereas now developers have to deal with complex monitoring, gaps, oversights, overload and opacity, Lambda offers events describing infrastructure changes and demands to go with rules triggered to adapt to traffic and the fabric.”

AWS also debuted a new EC2 Container Service. Based on Docker technology, it makes it easier to deploy and run containerized apps in Amazon’s cloud.

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