Report: AWS, Azure Dominate IaaS Market

Report: AWS, Azure Dominate IaaS Market

The market analysts at Gartner have released their annual report on the state of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market. According to the report, “The market is dominated by only a few global providers — most notably Amazon Web Services, but increasingly also Microsoft Azure.” Amazon and Microsoft are the only two vendors in Gartner’s “leader’s” quadrant, but the firm does say that Google Cloud Platform deserves an honorable mention.

Gartner says that AWS is “extraordinarily innovative, exceptionally agile, and very responsive to the market,” but its pricing can be difficult to figure out. The firm adds that Azure’s big benefit is its integration with many tools that enterprises use to manage their on-premises data centers, but it cautions that Microsoft’s cloud computing service has experienced several outages. “Google needs to earn the trust of businesses,” the reports adds.

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