Google releases Android 15 Beta 3 for Pixel

Google releases Android 15 Beta 3 for Pixel

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Google has released Android 15 Beta 3, bringing the platform one step closer to stability. This update includes several new features and improvements that refine the user experience. One notable addition is the “Adaptive Timeout” option in the Pixel Display Settings.

This feature aims to automate the process of turning off the screen when the device is not in use. It likely relies on hardware like the front-facing camera and proximity sensors to determine if the user is actively looking at the display or if the device is idle and should lock itself. While initial tests suggest that Adaptive Timeout is not yet functional, it builds upon the existing “Screen Attention” toggle, which uses the front-facing camera to prevent premature device locking.

The inclusion of Adaptive Timeout hints at a more seamless and automated experience in future updates. Android 15 Beta 3 also introduces changes to the passkey UI, simplifying the process by combining passkey and biometric authentication steps. New fallback options are accessible in the keyboard and text field drop-down menus, making navigation easier if a prompt is missed.

Android 15 Beta features overview

Additionally, Android 15 now features an improvement in biometrics management. The system can automatically delete a less reliable biometric model and prompt the user to reenroll, potentially enhancing biometric performance without manual intervention.

For Pixel Tablet users, Android 15 Beta 3 brings a new “Home Controls” screensaver option. This feature displays smart home device controls when the tablet is charging on the Charging Speaker Dock. The screensaver integrates utility and convenience, although the corner clock could benefit from a size increase given the larger display.

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While the “Home Controls” screensaver is primarily designed for the Pixel Tablet, it also somewhat functions on phones. Users can set the screensaver to activate either “While charging” or “While docked and charging,” and preview the appearance using the “Preview” feature. However, it remains unclear whether this functionality will change upon the official launch or if it will integrate with or replace the standalone Pixel Stand UI in the future.

Overall, Android 15 Beta 3 marks a significant milestone in the platform’s development, with APIs finalized and developers able to start testing their apps with this near-final version. As Google continues to refine and improve the Android 15 experience, users can expect more updates and enhancements leading up to the final release this fall.


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