Jibe Raises $8.5 Million for Cloud Development Platform

Four-year-old Jibe Mobile has announced that it has raised $8.5 million in venture capital from Vodafone Ventures, MTI and other investors. In the past, the firm provided a mobile app for sharing content on social networking sites. But now the company wants to develop a global cloud computing platform that will enable apps to communicate with each other.

According to the company, the new platform will enable mobile development firms to incorporate communications features like VoIP calls, video chatting and social gaming features into their apps. “What we see is a vision of the future where all applications are connected — and by that we mean applications that essentially have things like video chat inside of them, VoIP, the ability to do things like multiplayer gaming with each other – so you’ve got two apps where you can play a game over the mobile network. Something that traditionally has been very, very difficult for app developers to do just because of the nature of mobile networks and the complication of being able to deliver on various mobile platforms.” explained Jibe CEO Amir Sarhangi.

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