MongoDB Launches Atlas DBaaS

At its MongoDB World conference, MongoDB unveiled a new database-as-a-service product called Atlas. For now, the service is available only on Amazon Web Services, but it plans to expand to other cloud computing services, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, soon.

?The day we founded MongoDB, we envisioned a world where developers could focus on what?s most important, turning their giant ideas into innovative applications; MongoDB Atlas embodies just that,? said Eliot Horowitz, CTO and cofounder of MongoDB. ?By running on MongoDB Atlas, developers can trust that their applications will be highly available, secure, scale seamlessly, and without the downtime that comes from applying patch updates. MongoDB Atlas is the culmination of over five years of building software to run MongoDB in the cloud.?

The company also launched Connector for Apache Spark, which makes it easier for developers to build real-time analytics applications using MongoDB and Apache Spark.

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