Passbook Apps Are a Hit With Users

Passbook Apps Are a Hit With Users

With iOS 6, Apple introduced a new app called Passbook. The feature collects coupons, tickets, boarding passes, electronic gift cards and similar items and then sends the iOS user reminders based on their GPS location. For example, Passbook might remember that you have a $10 gift card for Starbucks and remind you about it as you walk past the coffee shop.

The mobile development industry rushed to take advantage of Passbook after its introduction, and many say Passbook apps have been a huge hit with end users. “We were amazed at the high uptake,” said Phil Easter, American Airlines’ director of mobile development. “Apple has allowed an app developer like us is to put features right in front of the user where before, that space was off limits.”

Similarly, beauty products retailer Sephora said it saw 38,000 more app downloads than usual the day Passbook launched. “From a gift card standpoint it’s very seamless,” explained Sephora’s Julie Bornstein. “You can send a gift card to a friend, they accept it, hit a link to add to their Passbook, and then they have their gift card right there.”

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