Amazon Launches New M4 Cloud Computing Instances

On Thursday, Amazon announced the addition of a new type of cloud computing instance to its EC2 service. The company says that its M4 instances will be particularly good for “relational and in-memory databases, gaming servers, caching fleets, batch processing and business applications like SAP and Microsoft SharePoint.”

The M4 instances will come in a range of sizes from large, which offers 2 vCPUs and 8 GiB RAM, to 10x large with 40 vCPUs and 160 GiB RAM. “M4 instances bring new capabilities to the General Purpose family through the use of a custom Intel Haswell processor and larger instance sizes,” said Matt Garman Amazon?s VP for EC 2. “We are also pleased to deliver even better network performance with dedicated bandwidth to Amazon EBS and Enhanced Networking, an Amazon EC2 feature that we are providing, for the first time, to General Purpose Instances. With these capabilities, M4 is one of our most powerful instance types and a terrific choice for workloads requiring a balance of compute, memory, and network resources.”

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