Reactive Programming Begins to Go Mainstream

One year ago, Typesafe co-founder and CEO Jonas Bon?r published the Reactive Manifesto, a document that attempted to define a new type of application architecture designed for multicore, cloud, mobile and Web-scale systems. ReadWrite reports that some of his ideas are beginning to catch on with enterprise and that Bon?r is about to update his manifesto.

Bon?r explained, “A lot of companies have been doing reactive without calling it ‘reactive’ for quite some time, in the same way companies did agile software development before it was called ‘agile.’ But giving an idea a name and defining a vocabulary around it makes it easier to talk about and communicate with people. It makes it easier to explain and bring to market a set of principles that are known to work well together.”

He added, ” The big next step for Reactive is expanding beyond principles, to also bring in more specific tools, techniques, patterns and best practices, thereby making it approachable for the masses.”

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