Report: Enterprises that Invest in Application Development Are More Successful

A new Vanson Bourne report commissioned by CA Technologies finds that investing in enterprise application development capabilities can result in large benefits for companies. According to the report, organizations that are “leaders” in development are increasing their revenue twice as fast as “laggards.” Other noteworthy findings included the following:

  • 44 percent of enterprises surveyed said they were bringing more application development back in-house (up from 33 percent in a previous study).
  • 50 percent of companies said they have made or plan to make an acquisition in order to acquire development talent.
  • 94 percent of line of business executives said they are under increased pressure to release applications more quickly.
  • 51 percent of enterprises have released at least four customer-facing apps in the last year.
  • Only 15 percent of line of business executives said their company is releasing new apps quickly enough to meet demand.

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