The Hottest Development Skills of 2014

Online IT job board has released a list of this year’s hottest IT skills. It created the list by searching its database of job listings to find out which skills have increased the most over the past twelve years. Interestingly, nearly all of the skills on the list have some relation to enterprise application development. The complete list includes the following:

  1. Puppet (91 percent year-over-year increase)
  2. Cybersecurity (up 77 percent)
  3. Big data (up 56 percent)
  4. NoSQL (up 49 percent
  5. Salesforce (up 43 percent)
  6. Hadoop (up 38 percent)
  7. JIRA (up 35 percent)
  8. Cloud computing (up 34 percent)
  9. Information security (up 30 percent)
  10. Python (up 21 percent)

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