The Metrics Behind Successful SaaS Firms

TechCrunch has posted an interesting analysis of successful enterprise software as a service companies. They looked at 66 leading SaaS firms that either went public or were acquired with a valuation of at least $500 million or remained private with a valuation of at least $1 billion. Their findings included the following:

  • 34.9 percent had two founders, and 33.3 percent had three or more founders.
  • 60 percent of founding teams hadn’t worked together before.
  • 60 percent of founding CEOs were in their 30s.
  • 41 percent of successful SaaS firms were from Silicon Valley, 20 percent from the Northeast, 9.1 percent from the Midwest, and 22.7 percent from other places in the U.S.
  • 82 percent of top SaaS firms sell their wares across many different industries.

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