#5: JavaScript

#5: JavaScript

Our QuickStarts and 10-Minute Solutions should help you get a painless jumpstart on your foray into JavaScript. There’s lots of short tutorials here that will teach you to accomplish very small, specific tasks, putting you on the right track to succeed and build on your successes.

JavaScript QuickStart
The JavaScript Developer Zone
Get a Nifty Dropdown Menu Effect
Create a Drop-down List that Takes Users to URLs
Fill a Select List With JavaScript
Create a Text-based Toolbar With a Cool Roll-over Effect
Give Your Users Form-field Feedback
Validate the Credit Card Field on Your E-Commerce Site
Verify the Format of an E-Mail Address Entry
Easily Move Items Between
Determine Time Using JavaScript’s Date Object

Display a Rotating Text Billboard on Your Site
JavaScript Object Orientation
Creating Classy Menus with JavaScript
Encapsulate Your JavaScript: Keep Private Methods Private
Create a Web-based Slideshow
Essential JavaScript: 8 Cross-browser Solutions

Build an Object-Oriented Tree Control Using JavaScript
Pop Goes the Menu
Generate Tabbed Interfaces Automatically With JavaScript OOP
Integrating News Feeds

Introduction to JavaScript for New Programmers
Introduction to JavaScript for Programmers
JavaScript: Enhancing Web Pages
Fundamentals of JavaScript

Good Links:
JavaScript Kit
The JavaScript Weenie

Discussion Groups:
DevX web.dhtml.scripting Discussion Group
DevX Discussion Group

Javascript: A Beginner’s Guide, by John Pollock.


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