Using the Java Collections Disjoint Method

Using the Java Collections Disjoint Method

See how to use the disjoint method in Collections to find if the given lists are completely disjointed:

import java.util.*;public class UsingDisjointInCollections {      public static void main(String args[])   {      UsingDisjointInCollections usingDisjointInCollections = new UsingDisjointInCollections();      usingDisjointInCollections.proceed();   }      private void proceed()   {      //Creating 2 lists to compare      List firstLst = new ArrayList(3);      List secondList = new ArrayList(3);      //Populating the first list with some elements      firstLst.add("It");      firstLst.add("is");      firstLst.add("raining");      //Populating the second list with some elements            secondList.add("Its cool");      secondList.add("weather");      secondList.add("after");      secondList.add("raining");            //Using disjoint, checking both the lists      boolean areListsDisjoint = Collections.disjoint(firstLst, secondList);      System.out.println("Given lists are disjoint: "+areListsDisjoint);       }    }/*Expected output:[root@mypc]# java UsingDisjointInCollectionsGiven lists are disjoint: false*/ 


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