Using Enum Effectively

Using Enum Effectively

Learn how to use enum effectively in a switch case block. There are multiple advantages to not making any mistakes since the originals are defined in the enum.

public class EnumColors {public static void main(String args[]){Color color = Color.WHITE;String colorArg = (args.length == 0) ? "White" : args[0];if (args.length == 0)System.out.println("No Color provided. Hence assigning WHITE");if (colorArg != ""){if (colorArg.equalsIgnoreCase("Saffron"))color = Color.SAFFRON;else if (colorArg.equalsIgnoreCase("White"))color = Color.WHITE;else if (colorArg.equalsIgnoreCase("Green"))color = Color.GREEN;}switch(color) {case SAFFRON:System.out.println("Saffron Color");break;case WHITE:System.out.println("White Color");break;case GREEN:System.out.println("Green Color");break;}}}enum Color {SAFFRON,WHITE,GREEN}

Expected output:

[root@mypc]# java EnumColorsNo Color provided. Hence assigning WHITEWhite Color[root@mypc]# java EnumColors whiteWhite Color[root@mypc]# java EnumColors greenGreen Color


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