Check Out The New Bebob Battery Charging Stations

Check Out The New Bebob Battery Charging Stations

Bebop Charging Stations

Bebob has introduced new 4- and 8-channel battery charging stations primarily aimed at rental companies, providing a convenient solution for clients with a large quantity of batteries. These wall-mountable and cascadable chargers are ideal for storing and recharging unused batteries. Specifically designed to accommodate the demanding needs of the film and broadcast industries, these chargers ensure fast and efficient recharging for continuous use. Their compact design and durable construction make them an essential addition for any rental company looking to provide reliable and high-quality battery charging solutions to their clients.

Five Distinct Models for Various Battery Sizes

With five distinct models, these wall-mounted chargers can accommodate a variety of battery sizes, such as standard A-Mount (compatible with Gold-Mount), V-Mount, B-Mount, Vmicro, and Amicro batteries. Each model has been designed to ensure maximum charging efficiency, allowing users to quickly power up their devices with minimal downtime. Additionally, the chargers’ compact and sturdy construction makes them an ideal choice for professional setups where space optimization and reliable power supply are crucial factors.

Efficient 4-Channel and 8-Channel Li-Ion Parallel Chargers

The 4-channel or 8-channel Li-Ion parallel chargers, complete with wall mounts, provide 168 watts of output power and a total of 16.8 volts or 10 amps (four channels at 2.5A or eight channels at 1.25A). These chargers offer a quick and convenient way to charge multiple Li-Ion batteries simultaneously while ensuring optimal battery performance. Additionally, with their compact design and wall-mounting capabilities, these chargers save valuable workspace while maintaining a neat and organized charging station.

Extra-Fast Parallel Charging Capability

Furthermore, extra-fast parallel charging of two batteries at 5A is feasible. This charging capability significantly reduces the time needed to fully charge both batteries simultaneously. As a result, users will have a more convenient and time-efficient charging experience, optimizing the overall use and performance of their devices.

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AC Loop-Through Connections for Scalable Charging Solutions

AC loop-through connections enable several wall charging stations to be linked together using a regular 16A AC fuse, accommodating up to 15 connected wall chargers. This innovative approach simplifies the installation process and reduces overall costs for both residential and commercial use. Furthermore, AC loop-through connections provide a scalable and energy-efficient solution for multiple electric vehicle charging stations at once.

Color-Coded Charging Indicators for Easy Monitoring

Various colors are used by charging indicators to display the current charging state. These colors can vary between devices, but commonly include green or blue to indicate a full charge, red or orange to signal charging in progress, and flashing or blinking lights to represent charging errors or problems. By understanding these color codes, users can easily monitor their device’s charging status and act accordingly to ensure optimal battery health and performance.

Compact Design and Carrying Handle for Convenience

Each wall charger has a weight of approximately four kilograms and measures 270 x 89.7 x 410 mm, including a carrying handle for effortless transport. The carrying handle ensures that the wall charger can be easily moved from one location to another, making it incredibly convenient for users. Additionally, the compact design of the charger allows it to be easily stored when not in use, saving valuable space in homes or offices.

Affordable Pricing and Availability

Priced between 1,090 and 1,690 Euros ($1,190 and $1,845 USD), these wall chargers are now available for purchase. With various power levels offered, homeowners and businesses can choose the most suitable charger to meet their electric vehicle charging needs. The convenience and efficiency of these wall chargers make them a smart investment for those looking to upgrade their current charging solutions.

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Purchasing Through Authorized Bebob Dealers

They can be bought through authorized bebob dealers. These authorized bebob dealers ensure customers receive genuine products, along with professional advice and support. By purchasing through them, customers can also take advantage of promotions, deals, and warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Bebob’s new battery charging stations?

Bebob’s new battery charging stations offer wall-mountable and cascadable chargers, 4-channel and 8-channel Li-Ion parallel chargers, extra-fast parallel charging capability, AC loop-through connections for scalability, color-coded charging indicators, compact design, carrying handle for convenience, and affordable pricing.

What types of batteries are compatible with these chargers?

These chargers can accommodate various battery sizes, such as standard A-Mount (compatible with Gold-Mount), V-Mount, B-Mount, Vmicro, and Amicro batteries.

How much do these battery charging stations cost?

These wall chargers are priced between 1,090 and 1,690 Euros ($1,190 and $1,845 USD).

How can I purchase these battery charging stations?

These wall chargers can be purchased through authorized Bebob dealers, ensuring genuine products, professional advice, and support as well as promotions, deals, and warranty coverage.

What kind of charging indicators do the charging stations use?

Charging indicators use various colors, such as green or blue for full charge, red or orange for charging in progress, and flashing or blinking lights for charging errors or problems.

What are the dimensions and weight of the wall chargers?

Each wall charger weighs approximately four kilograms and measures 270 x 89.7 x 410 mm, including a carrying handle for easy transport.

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