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Buffer Return Problems

Question: I am feeling very sick and was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to access the Lan Manager 2.1 API and am having difficulty get return

Saving Forms as Text vs. Binary

Question: This may seem a stupid question, but I cannot figure or find it out anywhere… I have been having trouble with the setup wizard saying that my forms have

Using the WITH Operator

Question: This code is in pascal how can i implement it in VB ? with treasuremap do move Answer: VB 3 does not support the With operator. (version 4 does,

Searching for Apostrophes

Question: When using VB4 and the Jet Engine with Access 2.0, I do I execute an SQL query that searches for a string that contains the apostrophe ? Answer: If

Opening and Reading a File

Question: Can you please send me the code to open a file using the common dialog box – not just the code to open the dialog box but to actually

Moving Controls on Screen

Question: I was wondering how you can move pictures and controls from one end of a screen (that part I know) and then have it go back or down? Answer:

Displaying Help

Question: How do you use the Common Dialog Box help. When I set all of the parameters and tried it, it didn’t display my helpfile. Answer: Did you set the

Selecting File from File List Box

Question: I put a drive box, a directory list box, and a file list box on the form, with the intention of being able to select an *.ico file from

Entering Large Amounts of Text

Question: I have a problem with writing text in Visual Basic. I would like to enter several hundred pages of text into my program, Any ideas of how to do

Opening MAK Files with VB 4.0

Question: In working with VB4 I find that if I double click on a project file (.mak or .vbj) the system always starts upVB4 in 16bit mode. I am wondering

Updating Bound Controls

Question: In my program from a combo list one can select an item (that happens to be a table in an MDB file)so that the DATA1.recordsource matches the item selected

Dynamic Runtime Creation

Question: Is it possible to add elements to a control array of an object (ex. SSPanel) in a module that is notthe form’s module. My goal is to be able

Closing DOS Window When Completed

Question: I have a real problem that in windows 95 when a dos shell is finished it does not close. I use these dos shells when interfacing to old equipment

Creating Win95 Explorer-like Dialogs

Question: Are there common dialogs in Win95 like file open/save? I wish to put in my apps the ability to use long filenames which Win95 supports. Answer: Here is the

Putting Controls on a TabStrip

Question: The number of Tabs are determined at run time. Control Array of text boxes are established on Tab 0 at design time. Each tab is to contain the same

Modifying Startup Project

Question: Is there a way to make VB skip that annoying new project it displays on startup. I work on existing projects 80%+ of the time. It would be even

Searching on Numerical Fields

Question: When using the FindFirst method I seem to be able to locate only records which are defined as strings using a variable in the search pattern. When I am

Disappearing Controls

Question: At apparently random times, some controls disappear frommy form. Not all of the controls disappear. Minimizingand then restoring the form, as well as clicking onthe ‘invisible’ controls, brings them

Creating Dynamic SQL

Question: I’m trying to develop a dynamic query handler within VB that will prompt users for parameters as set up in the parameter list in MS Access (v1.1). I wish

Storing Pictures in a DLL

Question: I found a vbx which allows me to place icons or bitmapson a command button. How can I store these images in onefile and read them in like an

Monitoring Port

Question: Do you know if there is a Win API or Winsock call that will tell me when I’ve connected/disconnected to myinternet provider. Answer: What you might want to do

Deleting a Directory Tree

Question: I want to delete and entire directory tree. I do not knowhow big the directory is, how many sub-dirs that it has, etc.I am not using a form and

VB4 GetPrivateProfileString Problems

Question: I am trying to use GetPrivateProfileString to access INI entries in a INI file using Visual Basic 4.0. Whenever I try to run my program it produces the error

Using Me Object

Question: What is the different between using Me and FormActualName when accessing a form’s property or to pass the FRM to a subprogram.Is it ok to use ME all the

Accessing Financial Function Library

Question: I’m looking for help on using the VB 3.0 functions IRR, MIRR and NPV. When I try to use any of them I get Reference to undefined function or

Combining VB with C

Question: Can I write a module in Ansi C language and compile it together with a VB program? If cannot, how can I combine these two modules? Answer: You can’t

Using Counters

Question: I am designing a database as a correspondance register.Each bit of inwards and outwards mail is given a unique number. At present I have set up a counter field

Showing Currency Values

Question: I am using VB as a front-end to an Access 2.0 database. Some of the fields in my Access db are of type currency. However, VB only displays them

Flushing I/O Buffer

Question: Is there a way within VB to flush information sent to a file? Normally, information is buffered and not sentto the file until the buffer size is exceeded or

Allowing Network Usage

Question: How do I turn a single pc VB3 application using MS Access2 into an app that’s capable of running on a network? Answer: Really, the basic thing you have

Retrieve All Columns from Each Table in Every Database

This stored procedure retrieves all the columns of each table in every database. create procedure SP_GetAllColumnsFromAllDB/*———————————————————————- Procedure to retrieve columns of all the databases– Usage

Build a Reusable AJAX Class

Building a reusable AJAX class can help you eliminate some of the headaches when you’re starting out: Open a new file called connection.js and type

Convert Numbers to Excel Column Names

This algorithm converts column numbers (1-x) to Excel column names. It works for any number and does not have a limit. ‘————————————————–‘ Columns can be

Run Tomcat with a Security Manager

To run Tomcat with a security manager, you must add your own policy lines to the catalina.policy file?like when you build a SecurityManager. The catalina.policy

Finding a SQL Server Object

To find a SQL Server object, such as a user table, query the sysobjects system table in the local database. If the database name is

Speed Up Your SQL Inserts

atabase performance is one of the most critical characteristics of almost any application, and for the developer or DBA it usually depends on how fast