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Copying a Directory Tree

Question: How do you copy entire directory structures with VB3, I’veread the -ONE- newsgroup article but it just lists them. Answer: Have you tried shelling to an XCOPY statement? It

Dynamically Create Pictures

Question: I got a game “SimTower”. In this game you can for exemple click on the picture with the office or hotel room, then you are clicking somewhere on the

Putting a Menu on the Right Side

Question: When designing a menu, how do I get an option (for examplehelp) – to appear on the RIGHT hand side of the menu bar. Answer: To position the Help

Retrieving Table List

Question: How can I get the tables within an Access2.0database to show in a list box? The user willspecify a database in a text box and I want themto be

Moving the Mouse Pointer

Question: Can you tell me if its possible to move the mouse cursor to a specific screen location and then return control of it to the user. If it is

OpenTable Problems with ODBC

Question: Why does MyDb.OpenTable(“My_Table”) not work with a Sybase database? I get the error “Invalid Argument” Err Num 3001. Answer: ODBC does not allow you to do an OpenTable on

Getting Network Login ID

Question: How can I query the login name of a Novell user from VB? Answer: Try this:un$ = space(255)unsize% = len(un$)a = WNetGetUser(un, unsize)MsgBox trim(un)The WNetGetUser API declaration is: Declare

Interform Communication

Question: I need to run a menu option from Form1 that actualy executes amenu option on Form2. What I have had to do is show Form2 and use SendKey to

Relating Two Data Records to Each Other

Question: How can I relate 2 or more records in one file to eachother? Answer: There are a few ways to do this. The main and most popular method is

Monitoring Line Status

Question: Is there a way to determine when your modem is connected and signed on to an Online Service such as MSN or America Online? I’ve tried using API calls

Creating File Dialogs

Question: I am a beginer in Visual Basic 3.0. I am trying to make a “Text Editor” program.Can you tell mehow to make “save” and “open” menus (using dialog box)I

Passing Arrays to Functions

Question: How can I pass my array to function as parameter? Answer: A declaration would be as follows:Sub Foo (ArrayVar() as String * 4)The call to it would be as

Adding Scrollbars

Question: How do I add scrollbars to a picture box control?i.e I want to be able to scroll through a picture box which containsmore than one screen of graphic and

Embedding Variable Values

Question: I am writing a program that searches a database and i am trying to use avariable for the WHERE clause. Can you Help me? here is an example:Data1.RecordSource =

Running Strictly from CD-ROM

Question: My question was in regards to installation. I would like to know if it is possible to run a VB program right from a floppy or CDROM without installing

InputBox Function: Type Mismatch Errors

Question: I have written a small program that calculates geometry problems. I have used input boxes to retreive data from the keyboard, however during runtime if I click the cancel

Placing Windows on Screen

Question: I am trying to figure out exactly how to get mywindow to center itself no matter what the resolution of the screen is that it is beingdisplayed on is.

Reliable File Writing

Question: I have a DOS-based application (QB4.5) which has been running for some years and I have now updated it to Visual Basic. The application handles several async serial ports

Adding Icons to System Tray

Question: Is is at all possible to create a VB 3.0 applicationto place itself on Win95’s system tray?or does it *have* to be 32 bit (vb4.0) ?If so, how? Answer:

Finding Text in a Text Box

Question: I am looking for code or VBX that allows a user to use an inputbox to locate a word within a textbox. The textbox is connected to a Access

Using User-defined Types Within Procedures

Question: This is a beginner’s question but in a smalldatabase application when I click on a commandbutton the code gives me the error message “Invalid Inside procedure” and highlights the

Passing Parameters by Reference

Question: I have a function in a DLL that I want to call from VB program. The Dll function has few parameters. Some of them should be passed from vb

Memory Limitations in List Box

Question: I want to add a large amount of items to a list box ,3700 to be exact, and in the future the number of items could grow even more.

Creating an Executable

Question: I would like to know how to make an EXE file that I can runit in another computer which does not have Visual Basic Installed. Answer: VB 3 and

Adding Sound to an Application

Question: I have a application I need to run off a floppy, I am trying to find a space effective way to add sound to my program. Thiswill be in

Executing SQL Statements

Question: How do I perform INSERTS, UPDATES andDELETES on existing tables? I have looked up the help andin books but nothing seems to tell me exactly how to do it.

Right Justifying Text in a Command Button

Question: I’m using VB Professional edition and I would like to combine in a command button an icon, left justified, and the caption, right justified. The default setting sets the

Using a Database vs. Random Access Files

Question: Should I use a database for storing info, rather than random access files? The info I need to store could be rather large. I also will need much more

Using Dynasets vs. Using Data Controls

Question: In writing a VB database application, is it more effecient to open up the database once in the beginning of the program, and build queries/recordsets to access the appropriate

Changing Cell Colors

Question: I have written a calendar function using the standard grid control as the calendar. The text property of each row/column is set to the correct day within the month