What are the Different Types of Mobile Device Security?

What are the Different Types of Mobile Device Security?

mobile device security

Nowadays, having a smartphone or mobile device is nothing short of essential. With more processing power than the computers that put the first man on the moon, our mobile devices are high-power tools of convenience, comfort, and necessity. We use our devices to play games, browse the internet, connect with friends and family, and even run our businesses while on the go. But one of the problems with using these mobile devices so frequently is that they inevitably end up containing tons of valuable information and personal data. Data that many cyber criminals would love the chance to get access to. That is why implementing mobile device security is crucial the today’s digital world.

So, what are some different forms of mobile device security? What is a VPN? How can we keep our emails secure and private? What is a secure web gateway?

In this article, we will try to answer all of these questions and hopefully a few more. Here is a guide on mobile device security.

What is Mobile Device Security?

In the same way that we protect private documents and guard our homes against threats, we also need to protect our mobile devices. With high volumes of personal data being sent and received through our mobile devices, we must find ways to protect our devices against cyber security threats. This is where mobile device security comes into play.

Often, the threats to the security of our mobile devices are complex, unpredictable, and unseen. In many cases, by the time people realize someone has access to their private information, it is too late. Perhaps you can locate and press charges against one person, but by the time your data has been breached the damage is already done. This is why preemptive security measures for your mobile devices are an essential tool in today’s world. Methods and tools for securing your device against cyber security threats include:

  • VPNs
  • Email Security
  • Secure Web Gateways


A VPN, or virtual private network, is an outstanding tool for helping to protect yourself from cyber security risks. In most cases, the wifi network in your home is private, safe, and secure. However, this privacy is not a guarantee when connected to a public network outside the home. When connected to a public network your data becomes at risk. Cybercriminals can potentially access your private data such as emails, passwords, credit card info, search history, and more.

VPNs act as a sort of encryption method for your device when using public networks. As the name suggests, VPNs help to protect your device by creating your own personal private network when connecting to a public network. When using a VPN, you create an encrypted tunnel for your data to pass through. This in turn enables you to protect your online identity, protect your IP address, and safely browse the web. Furthermore, VPNs can also provide some other benefits such as the ability to bypass locational restrictions. This can be handy for streaming services like Netflix that restrict content by location.

Some top VPN options to consider include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and ProtonVPN. Although there are a great deal more options to look into on your own.

Email Security

As aforementioned, using tools like a VPN can help to ensure the security of your email. However, this is not the only way you can protect your email. One great option for securing your mobile device and protecting your emails is to use an email encryption service.

Email encryption services work by disguising the contents of your emails to hide them from unintended viewers. The best way to think about email encryption is that it is similar to message coding used by the military. If the message is intercepted by an unintended viewer then it will look like a bunch of jumbled gibberish. Most encryption services utilize an authentication system to ensure that no unauthorized parties have access to the non-encrypted contents of the email. Some great services to consider include; Paubox Email Suite, Encyro, and Spike.

Secure Web Gateways

The final tool that we will discuss for securing your mobile devices is secure web gateways. Secure web gateways act as a sort of filter between the user and the internet. Oftentimes, secure web gateways are used in businesses to ensure employees are following corporate policy during their internet searches. However, they also serve an important function in protecting users from harmful malware that can be found on untrustworthy sites. Using a secure web gateway can help to protect your mobile devices from accidentally accessing harmful websites.

Some key features of secure web gateways include; URL filtering, data loss prevention, HTTPS inspection, antivirus software, and more. Secure web gateways are a rapidly growing industry as more and more users begin to use them in order to protect their devices from potentially harmful websites.


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