The Best Websites for Creating Your Business Owner Email Signature

The Best Websites for Creating Your Business Owner Email Signature

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In the past few years, society has seen massive advancements in communication technology. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook mean that people can connect and interact with groups of people worldwide, along with Zoom and other video call services. Despite the innovations and evolution of these online forms of communication, one communication form that has remained relatively unchanged is email. Particularly for business-based communications, email remains king. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best websites for creating an email signature for a business owner.

How Does an Email Signature Benefit Business Owners?

Before we get business specific, let’s first discuss why an email signature is important. Just like a signature in the real world, an email signature is a mark of authenticity. While the little block of text at the end of your email may seem small, it is a huge part of building trust. It lets the person or people you are communicating with know that the person they are dealing with is credible. Adding an effective email signature lets people know that you are who you say you are, and in the online world authenticity is everything. Now let’s shift and discuss the benefits to your business.

A good way to think about email signatures for business owners is that they are just another form of marketing. One study found that in general, every $1 spent on marketing returns over $35 in estimated revenue. This means that finding a good email signature can be extremely profitable for your business.

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A strong business owner email signature serves a number of valuable purposes. Firstly, it shares valuable information about your company. It includes all key contact details for your business, and can even include hyperlinks to company channels and social pages. Secondly, a strong business email signature conveys an air of professionalism and effort. It helps your message to stand out in an often crowded inbox. Next, it helps to establish company-wide unity. By having every email sent from your business include the same strong signature, you demonstrate that your business is a team with a unified goal. Finally, a strong business owner email signature helps to boost brand awareness. It is like a form of advertisement for your business.

Best Websites


Our first website recommendation for generating business owner email signatures is Gimmio. Previously known as ZippySig, Gimmio is one of the best websites available for creating your professional signature. The site features over 1,000 different fonts and formats to choose from and can create signatures in bulk. The customer support team if fast and reliable and the pricing is reasonable. The only downside to using Gimmio is that there aren’t many guides for new users. But with a good support staff in place and an easy-to-use interface, Gimmio is still a great option.

Email Signature Rescue

Our next recommendation for a website to check out is Email Signature Rescue. This website is great for beginners and features a massive array of options and features. Users can choose from a number of templates, and the website supports over 60 different languages, making it perfect for international use. Email Signature Rescue even has the option to add GIFs to your signature. Not that we recommend this professionally but it is a fun feature! Payment options start at $60 a year with other options for more advanced features. All in all, this is a great choice for beginners or novices who need help creating their email signatures.

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Top Free Websites

Design Hill

Our first selection for a great free website service is Design Hill. Design Hill is an outstanding option for those looking to create their business owner email signature without paying a subscription. Design Hill has tons of great templates to choose from and features 24/7 customer support. Users simply need to input their details, and the site will generate several options to choose from. Perfect for those new to creating email signatures, it is amazing that they offer this service for free. The only downsides of Design Hill are that it is not smartphone compatible and designs can’t be saved for later editing. On the whole, we think Design Hill is an amazing option.


Last but not least is the free website Hubspot. Hubspot is perfect for beginners who want to get a feel of how to create an effective signature before investing too many resources. The service is completely free, although it is a bit basic. It does not feature the massive library of templates that some other services have, and it can really only be used at the most basic level of signature creation. However, the site is extremely easy to use and the interface is not complex to try and navigate. While it isn’t as advanced as some other platforms it is still a great option to try if you are dipping your toe in the water.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful and we wish you all the best in creating your business owner email signature.

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