Close VB Before Compiling

Close VB Before Compiling

When you’re finished tinkering with your apps, close and restart VBbefore making the final EXE. This simple action can reduce the size ofyour EXE by 10 to 30 percent (many professional programmers also recommendrestarting Windows before building an EXE). If you don’t close and restartVB, your EXE may contain some garbage: VB doesn’t fully clean up all thedata structures or variables you used during development. Restarting VB also safeguards against some mysterious GPFs. If youhave an app that runs fine in the development environment but GPFs whenit’s run as an EXE, try closing and restarting. Another option is to compilefrom the “command line.” To do so from either Program Manageror File Manager, select Run from the File menu, and enter:



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