Create An Access/Quicken-Like Combo Box

Create An Access/Quicken-Like Combo Box

This example shows how to make a combo box act like those found in Quickenor Microsoft Access, without using a third-party VBX. As each characteris typed, the elements in the combo box are searched and, if a match isfound, retrieved. If a match is not found, the original typed text is restored.The only code needed resides in the KeyUp event of a combo box called combo1.The combo box is sorted alphabetically, so it stops on the first alphabeticalmatch. I use the SendMessage API to turn the redraw of the combo box offand then on when the search is complete. Here are the form-level declarations for the combo box:

 Dim strCombo As StringConst WM_SETREDRAW = &HBConst KEY_A = 65Const KEY_Z = 90Declare Function SendMessage Lib "User" _	(ByVal hWnd As Integer, _	ByVal wMsg As Integer, _	ByVal wParam As Integer, _	lParam As Any) As Long

The code in the KeyUp event looks like this:

 Dim x%Dim strTemp$Dim nRet&If Keycode >= KEY_A And Keycode <= KEY_Z Then'only look at letters A-Z	strTemp = combo1.Text	If Len(strTemp) = 1 Then strCombo = strTemp	nRet& = SendMessage(combo1.hWnd, _		WM_SETREDRAW, False, 0&)	For x = 0 To (combo1.ListCount - 1)		If UCase((strTemp & _		Mid$(combo1.List(x), _		Len(strTemp) + 1))) =UCase(combo1.List(x)) Then		combo1.ListIndex = x		combo1.Text = combo1.List(x)		combo1.SelStart = Len(strTemp)		combo1.SelLength = _			Len(combo1.Text) - (Len(strTemp))		strCombo = strCombo & _			Mid$(strTemp, Len(strCombo) + 1)		Exit For	Else		If InStr(UCase(strTemp), _			UCase(strCombo)) Then			strCombo = strCombo & _			Mid$(strTemp, Len(strCombo) + 1)			combo1.Text = strCombo			combo1.SelStart = Len(combo1.Text)		Else			strCombo = strTemp		End If	End IfNextnRet& = SendMessage(combo1.hWnd, _	WM_SETREDRAW, True, 0&)End If
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