Clear Out Data When Unloading Forms

Clear Out Data When Unloading Forms

When unloading a form, use the following piece of code behind a Closebutton:


This code should also be put in the Form_Unload() event handlerfor that form:

 Set  = Nothing 

This clears out any remaining code/data in the data segment forthe form, if you don’t do it explicitly. This is important when you load/unloadmany forms, especially those with lots of controls. By the way, this is not a bug–it’s done this way by design. The sameis true for VBA–if you don’t initialize global (module) variables in VBA(for Excel, for example) and have this kind of expression:

 i% = i% + 1 

then i% will successively have the values 1, 2, 3, . . . as yourun the VBA script one more time. Again, by design.


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