Place a Variable-Length String in Text

Place a Variable-Length String in Text

VB doesn’t have a function to replace part of a string (of n-length) with another string (of x-length). The Mid() statement works only with target and replacement strings of the same length. Use this code to solve the problem:

 Function ReplaceText( _	ByVal sOriginalString As String, _	ByVal sTargetString As String, _	ByVal sReplacement As String) As String	Dim iOriginalLen As Integer	Dim iTargetLen As Integer	Dim iReplaceLen As Integer	Dim iTargetLoc As Integer	iOriginalLen = Len(sOriginalString)	iTargetLen = Len(sTargetString)	iReplaceLen = Len(sReplacement)	If (iTargetLen = 0) Or (iOriginalLen = 0) Or _		(iReplaceLen = 0) Then		ReplaceText = sOriginalString 'Improper use of function.	Else		iTargetLoc = InStr(sOriginalString, sTargetString)		ReplaceText = Iif( iTargetLoc = 0, sOriginalString, _ 			Left(sOriginalString, iTargetLoc - _			1) & sReplacement & Right( _			sOriginalString, iOriginalLen - _			iTargetLoc iTargetLen + 1) )	End IfEnd Function
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