Create Nested Folders In One Call

Create Nested Folders In One Call

Suppose you need to create a tree of directories, all at once, in code. For example, you could create the tree C:1stDir2ndDir3rdDir4thDir with one call simply by feeding that path, as a string, into this procedure:

 Public Function MkDirs(ByVal PathIn As String) _	As Boolean	Dim nPos As Long	MkDirs = True  'assume success	If Right$(PathIn, 1) <>"" Then PathIn = _		PathIn + ""	nPos = InStr(1, PathIn, "")	Do While nPos > 0		If Dir$(Left$(PathIn, nPos), _			vbDirectory) = "" Then			On Error GoTo Failed				MkDir Left$(PathIn, nPos)			On Error GoTo 0		End If		nPos = InStr(nPos + 1, PathIn, "")	Loop	Exit FunctionFailed:	MkDirs = FalseEnd Function 

If any part of the path already exists, the routine creates only the new part. This routine works on strings representing local and mapped drives-those with a letter, colon, and backslash at the beginning. If the drive designation is left out, the directories are created starting at the default directory on the current drive.

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