Save Data in a SQL Server Image Column with VB6

I needed to retrieve image fields on SQL Server 7.0 with VB6, and I couldn’t find any article about it. So, I assume others have had the same problem. I’ve since found a method for doing it.

You must use Microsoft ADO 2.5 and set it into the following project reference:

 dim rst as new adodb.recordsetdim adoConn as new adodb.Connection

You also have to open the connection with the database.

 'Open recordset....rst.Open "Select * from 
where ", adoConn, adOpenKeyset,adLockOptimistic'THIS FUNCTION SAVES AN IMAGE
INTO AN IMAGE DATATYPE FIELDPrivate Function SaveImage() Dim mStream As New ADODB.Stream With mStream .Type = adTypeBinary .Open .LoadFromFile "NAME>" rst("").
Value = .Read rst.Update End With Set mStream = NothingEnd Function'THIS FUNCTION LOAD IMAGE FROM
IMAGE DATATYPE FIELD AND SAVE IT INTO AFILE.....Private Function LoadImage() Dim mStream As New ADODB.Stream With mStream .Type = adTypeBinary .Open .Write rst("") .SaveToFile "NAME>", adSaveCreateOverWrite End With Set mStream = NothingEnd Function

Aside from this method, you can use a picture control to store an image,put a picture control into a form, and call it PictureTemp.

 PictureTemp.DataField = "Immagine"			
'Set DataField....Set PictureTemp.DataSource = rst
'Set DataSource

You can use the PictureTemp.Picture property to get your image.

 Private Function LoadImage()  Dim mStream As New ADODB.Stream  With mStream    .Type = adTypeBinary    .Open    PictureTemp.DataField = "Immagine"			
'Set DataField.... Set PictureTemp.DataSource = rst
'Set DataSource Set MSFGRID.CellPicture = PictureTemp.Picture
'Show image into a cell ofMicrosoft FlexGrid End With Set mStream = NothingEndFunction
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