Open MS-DOS prompt from any directory in Explorer

Open MS-DOS prompt from any directory in Explorer

By adding a couple Registry keys you can add a commond to the context menu that appear when you right-click a directory when inside Windows Explorer. The new command lets you open the MS-DOS prompt and navigate to that directory with just one mouse click:

Start of the REG file
REGEDIT4[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryShellDosPrompt]@="Run MS-DOS Prompt here"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryShellDosPromptCommand]@="Cmd /k CD "%L" "

End of the REG file
To apply this script, copy the lines to the clipboard, paste them in Notepad, and save to a file named Prompt.Reg, and finally double-click the file to add these two keys to the Registry.

ATTENTION: the above script is for Windows NT and Windows 2000. Windows 95/98 uses should modify the last line as follows:

@="Command /k CD "%L" "

Notice that the /K switch tells CMD or COMMAND to execute the specified command and then stay open. You can execute a more complex sequence of commands by gathering them in a batch file and running it instead of the CD command. In some cases you can execute multiple commands without even a batch file. For example, modify the last line as follows to change directory and modify the background color to blue:

@="Cmd /k CD "%L" | COLOR 1F"


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